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One the main causes of Cancer is having too much acid in your blood (imbalance of blood PH). In recent years science has discovered that one of the biggest “global” causes of cancer is having too much acid in your blood – an imbalance of blood PH. Your goal should be to “alkalinize” your body with lots of water, green vegetables, etc. Basically, reduce the acid causing factors and eat more “base” forming foods. Also note that stress, lack of sleep, not exercising, etc. all increase the acidity in the body.How much fiber should you eat every day? You should have around 25 grams of natural fiber daily to prevent constipation, keep you regular and also reduce the chances of colon cancer (which is fast growing these days). Now, don’t have that all at once. Spread it through out the day, a little with each of your meals. Fruits (with the skin) and vegetables are great. Whole grains, steel cut oats, peas, lentils, brown rice, raw nuts (like Almonds) are all great sources of fiber.There are also low sugar fiber cereals to choose from. Of course, some people take fiber supplements such a Metamucil and similar brands (try to take products that contain both “greens” and Psylium). But, try to limit those and get more from natural foods. Another great product that contains natural fiber is called CHEATmeals. This product has many benefits because it:1. Blocks carbohydrates, sugars and bad fats from being absorbed from your meals (great for weight loss or when you go out to eat and want to splurge a bit and “cheat” on our diet).2. Contains specific digestive enzymes for both sugars and fats to help digest your food properly (helps eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux and other digestive problems).3. The key ingredients in CHEATmeals(TM) that help accomplish the above are TWO types of natural fibers, which help conveniently and easily add to your daily fiber count and reduce constipation. By adding CHEATmeals to your diet, especially when eating out, at parties or other times where you don’t want to or it’s hard to stick to your diet, you’ll help prevent weight gain, aid in digestion of the meal and add essential fiber to your diet all at once!